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I'm baaaaaack...and I bring eye candy!!!

Monday, September 06, 2010C Riches

Party Printables

Sooooooo glad to be back - I missed you!!!!! :)

How've you been my sweets? I had a blast and feel totally re-charged, ready to party!!!
But before I dive back in properly, I still have tons to sort out (mainly laundry...) and today is just a quickie....

This morning I had to put my shop back online, kids to send off to school, plus a gazillion bazillion emails and messages to read...but this one put a huge smile on my face!!

It was a Facebook message from Marcie at Celebrating The Moments to show me the party she styled using our Back to School Party Printables!!!

Party Printables

Party Printables
Party Printables

One word: F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!

Party Printables

Great job Marcie, can't wait to follow your blog to see what you come up with next!!
Oh, and thanks for making my party printables look so HOT! :)

Talk soon....

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  1. Too cute! It's too late for us down here, but next year, I totally want to throw a back-to-school party :)

  2. SWEET! The party and your printables are awesome!

  3. OH~ YAY! Your back!
    How I missed you so;) Welcome back!

  4. Thanks for your great printables. I used them for a back to school lunch today!

  5. Cris,
    Seja bem-vinda de volta. Estva sentindo muita falta de seus posts!
    Esta coleção está magnifícia!!!!
    E me inspirou quanto ao dia dos professores!!!!! Aqui é dia 15 de outubro.

  6. OI Clau, estava com saudades também meu anjo!! :)

    Depois vc volta aqui com suas artes né?!


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