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Pink and Aqua Tea Party

Saturday, October 02, 2010C Riches

I'm so excited to be able to show you this Pink and Aqua Tea Party collection photo shoot! 

I had sooooo much fun with this party, and even used some of the party accessories from this collection to decorate the tea cups, tea pots and party-ware! See? Party Printables are really versatile! Check it out...

To be honest, I have wanted to design a tea party kit for a while now, and just didn't know how to capture the essence of the character, without being too obvious. 

I also like to give my own twist to popular or conventional party themes, and in this case I designed the party collection around a sweet, Tea Shoppe - Complete with pink milk off course! :)

The patterned backing sheets from this collection were used here to cover the milk box, and you can just see a peep of the tea cup in this photo, also customised for the occasion! All I did was to cut the sheet to size and stick with double-sided tape. This is the advantage of having white porcelain and party props (Tip)

Party Invite and Sweet Favors

What little girl wouldn't love to have her own gorgeous, Tea Shoppe with the most amazing cakes, cupcakes, cookies and sweet treats on her birthday? I know mine would!! :)

My daughter LOVED the theme too as she's also going through a "Kitty" (Hello Kitty) stage at the moment! The Tea Shoppe twist offers such a cute but also a really versatile party theme, whether you are indeed planning a Hello Kitty Party, a girl-y Tea Party, or even a Cupcake Baking Party!

I bet any birthday girl would love to bake her own party cupcakes and cookies and play shop with the her guest, don't you think?! :)

Party Printables and Styling: Bird's Party
Plush Flowers: Tutorial here
Photography: Moi :)

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  1. BIRD!! SERIOUSLY I AM DYING!! I need this. We are going to have a tea party in the spring and this is very close to what I had in mind. You know I love your work - but besides the art party ;) - this is my favorite. SOSOSOSOSOSO cute

  2. Brookie my love, I'm as excited as you are!!! :)
    The prospect of showing another amazing party on the blog also gets me giddy! ;) hehehe

  3. All of that lovely detail!!! Those polka dots are too cute :). The whole thing is to die for!

  4. Thanks Sarah, you too sweet! :)

  5. Cumadi,
    Coisa mais linda do mundo...
    Parabéns, viu?! =]
    Um bejim e tenha um lindo final de semana...

  6. You mentioned CASA as a source...I checked their website but apparently you can only buy their products through their retail other countries? Did you pick up your pieces while traveling? Thanks!

  7. Hey anonymous, I picked them up in France! :)

    I'm sure Michael's or your local department store will have a similar alternative in terms of plates and cupcake stands?

    Hope this helps...

  8. Thanks for the quick reply! I used 'anonymous'...still sorting out how to do comments??! :)

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

  10. Simplesmente amei esta festa, ficou perfeita.
    Coloquei no meu blog.
    Parabéns seu trabalho é perfito.

  11. Fabiola, meu doce!! Estou lisonjeada!!
    Valeu pelo apoio!!


  12. Quanta coisa fofa, Cris! Que produção legal!!!! Amei o "pink milk" e a caixinha dele. Deve ter sido bem divertido organizar e fotografar tudo... e o resultado não poderia ter ficado mais perfeito, parabéns!!!! Bjs!

  13. Cris, querida,
    Que lindo esse Chá!!! Tô impressionada com a delicadeza dos detalhes e a criatividade, que você usou para deixar tudo lindo, lindo!
    Um beijo grande! parabéns!
    Ah, amiga, você tem alguma ideia sobre festa japonesa ou chinesa? É que para o aniversário da minha caçulinha, que é em dezembro, vou tentar unir o melhor das 2 culturas e fazer algo bem diferente. Se tiver alguma dica, manda pra mim? Obrigada!
    Beijo, beijo!

  14. amazing! i absolutely love it all! just became your newest fan!

  15. It is a beautiful post . Now, This is really great. Really very great blog this has given me all the information that i needed, good for visiting daily it will increase our knowledge.

  16. Hi there. I love your ideas, good taste and style. But most of all your entusiasm for making other people feel special with such wonderful details. Please let me know where you got that shabby tea serving display, I don't know what is its name. I need one. Thanks and congratulations.

    1. Thanks Can! I got it from France.
      But I'm sure you'll be able to find a suitable alternative in a vintage or flea market? Sometimes they are the best finds! ;)


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