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Bird's Party Shop will be closing for the Holidays on Friday 17th until January 3rd, and I'll also be taking a break from the blog for a while, in order to re-charge my batteries and spend some quality time with my family! :)

I'm very thankful for all the great friends I have met through the blog this year, and also for all the support and comments received by so many wonderful readers, sponsors, followers, subscribers and sweet customers!

Party Press & Latest Features

This has been our first Christmas Season, and a very joyful one at that! And that's in part because of the support and encouraging feedback we have received from all of you! So before wrapping things up here, I'd just like to say a very special thanks to all those who helped to spread the word about our Holiday Party Collections on their blogs, on Facebook and anywhere else!! :)

Party Press & Latest Features -

Party Press & Latest Features - 

Party Press & Latest Features - 

These are just a few of the many blogs and sites that kindly shared our content!

So thank you all so much for your generosity, kind words and for taking the time to share our work on your stunning sites and blogs!! 

Hope you all have a blessed and wonderful Christmas!! :)

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