The madness is nearly over...I promise! :)

Saturday, April 09, 2011C Riches

We are among friends here, right? So can I be bluntly honest? Well, I don't normally enter the Blog in any competitions or voting poles - Let's face it, it takes a lot of energy and time to keep reminding people to vote.

Plus, it can be seen as a popularity contest and it's NOT usually a measure of talent nor how nice a person you are.....BUT (and it's a big but here) we have been nominated by you, our readers to the Top 25 Party Planning Blogs on Circle of Moms; and this means you must think Bird's Party Blog is worthy to be on that list among such talented party people and friends!

And for that I thank you, and also ask you to please keep voting for us if you think we deserve your vote. We all try so hard to keep this blog fresh, informative and inspiring and to be recognized by you guys is the ultimate accolade in my view! Now, if we can get some good publiscity as a result, I say that's the cherry on the cupcake, don't you agree?! :)

So folks, only 2 more days to cast you votes until April 11th - Then the madness stops, I promise!! :)

Thank you again for your continual support and have a fabulous weekend!

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