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DIY Powder Milk Fondant Recipe

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DIY Powder Milk Fondant Recipe -

Remember the Alice in Wonderland Party I showed you here a few weeks ago? Well, today's blog post follows on from that party, and teaches you how to make the stunning, cupcake decorations you saw on the fabulous dessert table by my dear friend Claudia from the Brazilian blog Feito à Mao.

DIY Powder Milk Fondant Recipe


I suggest you make a smaller quantity when starting to get the hang of it before trying out a bigger batch - Please note: This recipe does not have very specific measurements, but different sugars and powder brands have different grain size so a specific measurements do not apply every time. It's a tried and tested version, but you may find a little more or less of something works better for the ingredients you have to hand.

* 400g of Powdered Milk - Use the make from Nestlé as it was tried and tested
* Same amount as the milk powder, minus 3 fingers worth, of very fine caster sugar (do not be tempted to substitute with coarser sugar or icing (powder) sugar as it does NOT work) 
* Enough coconut milk to allow the dough to be worked without sticking on your hands Roughly 100ml  - Low fat versions of coconut milk give a less fatty mix and much easier to knead.
* Food coloring gel (from cake decorating stores) - Do NOT use liquid form as it will not work

DIY Powder Milk Fondant Recipe -

How to make  the fondant:

1. Add the sugar to the milk powder and add a very small amount of coconut milk (about 100ml for 400g of powder milk)
2. Knead the mix until you get a smooth, shiny (not greasy) dough that does not stick to your hand. At first is may seem impossible, but don't give up! Keep wetting your hands to make it easier to knead - Claudia's tip is to knead smaller portions of the dough.
3. Color batches of the dough in desired colors using a toothpick - Use small amounts of the gel coloring as even a small amount can get quite dark.
4. Shape and cut your dough as you would a sugar paste fondant. Keeping it wrapped in film when not being used.

The ready made fondant decoration can be frozen up to 3 months in advance, and defrosted in at room temperature, covered for about 2 hours - Do NOT open to peek inside until fully defrosted, as this may ruin the decoration!

DIY Powder Milk Fondant Recipe -

These above photos show you just some of the Alice in Wonderland icons you can make using this powder milk fondant - Simply add the decorations to your cupcakes to transform any tea party into a yummy wonderland! :)

Claudia was kind enough to let me share with you today, her recipe and tips and tricks for making the tastiest fondant EVER! So a huge thanks, Claudia! :)

This fondant is  also easy to make once you get the hang of it, and can be used in an array of cake decorating projects, from cupcakes and fun edible decorations to 3-tiered cakes - I tried and tested Claudia's recipe some years ago for the first party I ever styled for my kids - A Care Bear Party, and I can say from experience they taste oh-so yummy!

More Alice in Wonderland party ideas here.

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