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Mother’s Day Giveaway : Winner of our Pfaltzgraff Giveaway!

1:41 PMC Riches

We are beyond delighted with the responses we have received from our sponsored by Mother's Day Giveaway Pfaltzgraff! So many beautiful, touching and amazing lessons we have all learned from mom, and this is something worth celebrating!

Reading all the entries and comments, I realized we have a lot in common and all have very wise, hard-working, insightful, courageous and loving moms who always put their kids first and were never short on love, support and encouragement no matter what life had to offer - Often teaching by example alone!

And the comment that best summarized this was from Constance Katsafanas, and here's what she had to say:

Congratulations Constance!! Thanks so much for sharing the best lesson you learned from your mother!

And thank you all for taking part and a special thanks to Pfaltzgraff for the fabulous prize!

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