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12:11 PMC Riches

Party Supplies & Printables at

Woo-Hoo!! Finally happy to announce you can now shop online at

My dedicated IT manager (read husband) and I have spent the last few days slaving over it, and I'm so excited to share this great news with you guys!! It's been a while since the site went live, but online shopping has been on my "to do" list ever since! Read on to find out more...

Party Supplies & Printables at

We have some NEW, exclusive party collections split into party categories: Kids Birthdays, Adult Birthdays, Weddings, Baby Showers and Holidays and Seasonal party printable themes.

Not ot mention our party supplies section with all your need to celebrate your next event! :)

Oh, and to be the first to get all the shoppe's latest news, sales, promotions, discounts and freebies, you can also subscribe to our newsletter! 

Go on, go have a snoop around, do a bit of retail therapy, and then come back and tell me what you think?! ;)

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  1. Parabéns Cris, uma vitória não é mesmo? E, muita coisa linda viu? Bjs

  2. Oh Bird, I am so excited for you being featured on Todays Creative Blog! :) You are the cutest, and deserve this feature BIG time! Love ya!

  3. Congrats, Bird! I know you are so excited! The hard work will pay off!!

  4. Tiff, where? When?!! :)

    thanks ladies!! You kind and supportive words make this a sweeter event! :)

  5. Molto bello questo lavoro, presentazione di Magnifico.
    Complimenti per questo lavoro, il piacere

  6. Que novidade boa, Cris!
    Parabéns por mais essa conquista! :)

    E que bom que você tem o maridão ao lado, né? O meu também é superultramega presente nas coisas do Bicha Fêmea. Eu sonho, peço e ele executa. Se eu tivesse de fazer no Bicha Fêmea tudo que foi feito até aqui e que envolve a parte técnica de htmls e afins, tava lascada! Afff!! :)

    Bom, te desejo sucesso! :)


  7. Ah Lidi, eu também!! Lascadérrima! :D


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