Blog Time Out and Exciting Party Projects

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Blog Time Out and Exciting Party Projects | Bird's Party Magazine

Hey lovelies, I have been pushing this "time out" post back and back for a while now because I just can't keep away from your guys! :)

I LOVE blogging here, networking, reading your comments and seeing all the fab parties you guys send over, but with a  tight schedule lately I feel I need to go away for a bit and come back refreshed with some new party designs, party ideas and exciting party posts for you!

Blog Time Out and Exciting Party Projects

So I'll be taking some time off blogging and social networking to concentrate on upcoming projects and events, including Bird's Party Magazine Fall Issue coming out in September! So excited about that!! Just wait to see what we have in store for you! ;)

You can still reach me via email if you have to, and we'll be posting fabulous giveaways every Friday until late August, so don't forget to pop back ok?

Wishing you guys a fab summer! :)

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  1. Enjoy! I too am taking some time off (from throwing parties anyway) in Sept..need to rest and get back to the swing of things!


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