PRESS: Kiki Magazine New Year's Editorial!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011C Riches

It's the first time I have worked with a US national magazine and it's been FUN, FUN, FUN!! I worked with journalist Jessica Blair who contacted me a few months back for a collaborative six-page editorial spread for the 2011 Kiki Holiday Issue! 

So exciting to be even asked, but to see my work in a national mag is just beyond surreal! I'm still pinching myself...

Kiki is a fashion magazine and creativity journal written for girls who are ages eight and older. As such, the editors wanted New Year's Eve and a New Year's Day parties that Kiki readers could re-create or style themselves - from the invites to the food and décor!

I can tell you I LOVE parties, designing and styling them, but putting myself in the shoes of an 8 year old for this project was not a given...Especially when you're over 30 - No matter how goofy one may be...ahem.

So I enlisted the help of  my 4 year old - Yes, if she can do it then older girls will be able to do it too. In fact, you can even see her little hands in one of the photos, bless! :)

I'm still waiting on my copy of the magazine, but Jessica sent me a few snapshots, and I couldn't wait to share with you guys - So in case you're passing a book store and fancy a nice read, pick a copy of Kiki!! You can always tell the cashier it's for your little niece...

BTW, did I mention  I created some FREE party printables that you can download exclusively from Kiki?! The more reason to go get a copy, don't you think? ;)

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