December 4, 2011

Time Out and Exciting NEW Projects for 2012!!

So that's it folks, the shop is now closed and my automated "out of office" reply is up. 

Just wanted to say "farewell" properly though, and let you lovely people know that I'll be away until January, apart from a couple of few scheduled posts that will surface now and then to keep you coming back! ;)

But I won't be around to reply to comments or emails. I'll miss you for sure, but after a really fun, productive and challenging year (without any breaks or vacation...) I feel I need this time to re-group my ideas and project for the year ahead. Plus I'm sooooooo looking forward to spending quality time with my family just hanging out and enjoying time together!

I have so many wonderful projects for Bird's Party in 2012, one of which is getting Bird's Party YouTube channel populated with fun videos, a couple of book projects in the pipelines and off course some great parties to help you feel inspired, and can't wait to tell you more about each!

In the meantime, I leave you with a little video put together for our Holiday Magazine 

Speak to you later and Happy Holidays! :)

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