I love you dad!

Friday, January 27, 2012C Riches

Not sure what to write. Or even if I should at all. but going through these photos I can "hear" the laughs and it's comforting somehow...a therapy of sorts.

Bye dad. I'll miss you. I love you and always will. Thank you for being my dad!

"Um homem inteligente, engraçado, estressado, bom, carinhoso e grosso.. tudo ao mesmo. Perfeito em seus defeitos. Meu papai. Quantas lembranças!" Meu Pai, por minha irmã, Ludmila. Exatamente como ele era!

"An intelligent man, funny, stressed, kind, caring and grumpy...all at the same time. Perfect in his imperfections. My daddy. What fun memories!" - My dad, as described my youngest sister, Ludmila. Exactly how he was!


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