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Party Bloggers | Mindy From Creative Juice

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Party Bloggers | Mindy From Creative Juice

As you well know, Bird's Party Blog posts are the result of many creative and talented minds, and I thought it would be nice, to start the year showing you a little more about each of these fabulous contributors who grace our pages every day!

Today we're kicking things off with one of our newest contributors, Mindy from the aptly-named blog, Creative Juice. Mindy is not only talented, but she's a total gorgeous gal inside and out. She's a real sweetheart and I'm so happy to have her as part of our team!! 

A little about me...

I am an eastcoaster at heart - i grew up by Annapolis MD eating crabs, playing lacrosse, and wearing vera bradley -  but am currently in northern CA and loving it. I am a mommy to a spunky 3 year old girl and a sweetheart 1 year old boy and married to my best friend since we were seniors in college. 

I love insects, hate using capital letters when i should, always would rather create something than buy it, and never drink milk...unless it has chocolate in it. i love to share what I am creating on my blog creative juice a place for diy, tricks, tips, tutorials and  inspiration for your parties, home, and kids. 

and my signtaure style...

I think i need someone else to answer this for me... 

It's always easier for someone else to say what your style is than for you to describe it! but i guess i would say easy, modern, clean, unique, simple and least that is what i am going for! 

My favorite piece of work so far (and why)...

I am pretty obsessed with the Potty Party I planned for my daughter. it was such a fun and unique themei think i laughed all the way through planning each detail! i just had so many quirky ideas I wanted to display. 

Some may say it was over the top or unnecessary BUT it worked, we all had a blast, and i love celebrating unique things like that. and it was funny.

Party Bloggers | Mindy From Creative Juice

On my to do list for 2012 (work aspirations, goal, dreams or projects)

Well my to do list for today is about a mile long so you can imagine my list for 2012! 

I hope to decorate and paint our new house so there will be lots of tutorials as i make my way through each room...i think i am most excited about the playroom! 

I have a few fun and unique parties planned - which includes client parties, magazine shoots, a designers challenge,  a crafting competition {yes really.} and of course my kids birthday parties and holiday parties! 

I am SO beyond excited to be a part of the Bird's Party team and can't wait to share all of my ideas with you!

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  1. No apologies necessary for the potty party just because of one grumpy comment. It was inspired, it made me laugh, and when it comes to potty training, if it works, hooray!

  2. Congratulations on being a part of the Bird's party team!
    I love your parties and,as the mother of one fully potty trained and one potty training child (twins), all I can say is: your potty training party idea is GENIUS!
    I look forward to your tutorials and inspiration!

  3. Welcome, Mindy! So happy to be seeing more of your work on Bird's Party.


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