NEWS: "Sweet Designs" - Amy Atlas Book Out!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012C Riches

Ok, so my first email this morning was really exciting one about Amy Atlas' first book! Yes folks, the book is out for pre-order, and I am rushing there to get my copy! 

"This is a bible filled with 100 recipes, 75 crafts, instructions for templates, styling tips, and so much more.  We hope that you can share this with your party friends.  The links for pre-ordering are at Amazon and Barnes and Noble and the price for pre-sale is only $18.46! "

Amy and her sweet team are beyond talented and have not only inspired me on countless occasions, but also  featured my work and parties on her stunning blog, so I'm really excited to see this much-awaited "bible"! If Amy's sweet tables are anything to go by, you can be sure the book will be AWESOME!! :)

A HUGE Congratulations to you Amy and your fabulous team, for such an incredible achievement!!

P.S. - The book is available on, and with free delivery on

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