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Cake it Pretty: The Easiest Party Macarons EVER!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012C Riches

For every party I plan, I always try to find sweets that are easy, fast and economical
This ("macaron") sweet treat is super easy to make, and would be great for any party or celebration.

And I used them in my styled Vintage Valentine's Party that I showed you here on Bird's Party a few days ago...


* DoubleStuf Oreo Cakesters
* Sprinkles

 I told you it's THAT easy! ;)

DONE! This looked soooo cute on my Vintage Valentine's Sweet Table!

Click image to visit Crissy's Crafts Blog!

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  1. WOW, what a brill idea, must check my supermarket not sure if they sell those in France!!

    Dawn. xxx

  2. My daughter is having a "One night in Paris" themed party next month and these will go fabulous on her table! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. It's funny how the simplest ideas can look so elegant! Love it!

  4. What a cute idea. So simple, yet elegant.

  5. I love Macarons and i love your blog!
    From Italy!


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