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Hellmann’s® Chicken Dinner Recipe

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Hellmann’s® Chicken Dinner Recipe - BirdsParty.com

We've always loved Hellmann’s® mayonnaise in our house, so I was really excited to try one of the recipes from the Hellmann’s® Chicken Change-Up, which promises "to transforms your chicken into a juicier, crispier, more delicious meal that your family will love."  

The Hellmann’s® Chicken Change-Up aims to help parents manage dinner dilemmas in kitchens across America – and their yummy ideas aim to remedy our dinner time challenges with "Time Saving", "Budget Friendly",  "Picky Eaters" and "Twist on a Classic" chicken recipes!

Needless to say, due to my two picky eaters at home, I opted for one of the "Picky Eaters" recipe: Crunchy Tortilla Chicken (full recipe here).

I also love spicy food, and was keen to try out a new way of cooking chicken. The recipe called for chicken breast which I normally don't like to cook with because I can never get it to stay moist, or it lacks in flavor. But the addition of Hellmann’s® mayonnaise to coat the chicken first, really intrigued me so I decided to give it a go - but I wasn't expecting much, I have to admit. 

Hellmann’s® Chicken Dinner Recipe - BirdsParty.com

The recipe only took 5 minutes to prepare, and I substituted the lime for lemons ('cause I couldn't find any) and also used a little paprika mixed with my chili powder to give it a nice color.

The tortilla crumbs to coat the chicken was also new to me. To get my tortilla crumbs I used half wheat and half corn tortillas, and simply blended in a food processor.

Because of the Mexican-inspired flavors, I served it with homemade guacamole and tangy salsa.

For my guacamole, I usually add a tablespoon of Hellmann’s® mayonnaise, which adds a really creamy texture and zingy flavor, which I love!

Hellmann’s® Chicken Dinner Recipe - BirdsParty.com

But the main thing was to find out if my "picky eaters" loved this new recipe - So in-keeping with the saying "the proof is in the eating", I got the kids to give their verdict on this new dinner recipe! :)

All in all I have to give it the big thumbs up too, 'cause my son who hates crispy bits ate his chicken without a problem, and the chicken was so moist that my 4 year old who has trouble chewing meat really loved it!

I was also surprised with the results of my chicken! Not only the Hellmann’s® helped to keep all the moisture into the chicken, it also packed it full of delicious flavors, just like it promised! And with the crunchy tortilla crumb on the outside, the chicken was so crispy and also only took 20 minutes to cook, so I guess it's also a time-saving recipe?! ;)

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.   Hellmann’s®  product and additional incentives were provided to me - All opinions stated are my own.

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  1. I would love to try the tortilla chicken, and there is cajun chicken

  2. Definitely Tortilla Chicken sounds great~

  3. you are so cute!!!!! & your kids are adorable! can't wait to try this recipe :)

  4. The Parmesan Crusted Chicken!

  5. I would love to try the recipe you listed, actually!

  6. The tortilla chicken sounds fantastic!

  7. The 4 cheese enchillade bake looks good

  8. Tortilla chicken! Yum! Gonny try!

  9. Your recipe above sounds like something my family would enjoy. I also think the PARMESAN CRUSTED CHICKEN sounds delicious (and easy to make, too)
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. I would make the Cajun Chicken meal.

  11. Parmesan Crusted Chicken.


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