March 14, 2012

In The Spotlight: Dorangela from Two Prince Bakery Theater!

I've been wanting to post Dorangela "In The Spotlight" for a while, but I was waiting for her to get back from the Martha Stewart DID Event, where she got to meet and chat with Martha!!

Dorangela is the brains behind Two Prince Bakery Theater and is such a darling friend! She's also a mega talented baker and stylist, and we are so lucky to have her contribute here on the blog, showcasing her amazing party ideas and casein gluten-free baked delights! :)

A little about me...

I am a stay at home mom to two beautiful and very active little boys ages 4 and 6. 

As long as I can remember I have enjoyed crafting, baking and creating parties. Naturally once my boys came along, celebrating things with them brought my passion back into the forefront once again. Both of my boys have severe food allergies, based on the need to find them delicious foods and treats that wouldn't compromise their health I began to bake gluten and casein free baked goods and confections. 

I believe that childhood memories are closely linked to the special little things, parties, baking with your mom, a special birthday cake. So Two Prince Bakery Theater was born as a culmination of all of these things. I have an Etsy shop Two Prince, where I sell gluten and casein free cookies and other baked goods, and my blog Two Prince Bakery Theater where I share events that I style as well as crafts and allergen free foods and recipes.

I believe that everyone deserves to have a delicious cookie, cake or treat that won't compromise their diet and a party that is gorgeous as well. I Strive to do both.

and my signature style...

I wouldn't say that I have a signature style, I really enjoy challenging myself to presenting things in new and interesting ways. Using items in an unconventinal way is something I really enjoy!

I love finding inspiration everywhere and once I have a theme, gathering treasures for the event from many different sources.

My favorite piece of work so far (and why)...

I have recently styled a lot of beautiful and fun parties. 

There are two parties in particularly that I am specially proud of. The gorgeous Cool Igloo party styled specially for the Winter Issue of Bird's Party Magazine, and The Classic Halloween Party I styled that was completely allergen free and was featured on Amy Atlas Events.

But in all honesty, the party that I am most proud of was my oldest son's Chinese New Year 5th birthday party. It was the first year he was totally gluten and casein free and the challenge was going to be to have an entire party that was both allergen free and that everyone could enjoy. 

My son is all about The Cake so when he picked out a gorgeous layered fondant cake out of a picture and asked me to make it, I had no choice. I worked day and night, dyed my fingers with food coloring to make all the different colors of fondant, worked for weeks, was up til 3am the night before setting up paper lanterns and even a giant chinese dragon. 

When it came time to sing happy birthday and he lovingly looked at his birthday cake, he stopped touched my cheek and smiled at me in that special way only a mom knows... that was my favorite work. No blog posts, no features, no fancy photographs, just a perfect moment I will always carry in my heart.

On my to do list for 2012 (work aspirations, goal, dreams or projects)...

My goals for 2012 are many, my personal goals are private and too many to bore you with here, but... the goals I have for Two Prince Bakery Theater are to continue to show people that they can indeed have gorgeous beautiful parties that are allergen free, continue to grow my blog and business, and continue working with so many amazing people. 

In a dream world I would love for my casein gluten free cookies to be discovered by someone amazing, they taste like a real cookie should, and then have these cookies put a smile on children of all ages young and old all around the world! A girl can dream right?

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