May 10, 2012

Mother's Day: FREE Printables and DIY Gift Idea + Recipe that kids can make for mom!

This is a really cool recipe that I got while living in Brazil. Made a few adjustments to work with the American ingredients. Very easy to make and it came out very yummy!

Kids will have fun decorating the mug, and they can make this recipe right before breakfast and surprise Mom on her Special Day! My daughter decorated a mug from the Dollar Store with permanent markers.

Note: since is done in the microwave, as soon it cools off, the cake will get hard. To avoid that, make sure you wrap your mug with plastic wrap to maintain moisture.

 Materials needed:

* White mug, permanent markers
*  FREE Mother's Day party printable gift tag from Bird's Party

Let the kids decorate the mug using the permanent markers

My son Joey made this one!
I guess this mug will be for decorating purposes only!! lol!

Ingredients for the Cake in a Mug:

* 3 tbsp of sugar
* 3 tbsp of flour
* 2 tbsp of chocolate powder
* 1 tbsp of chocolate syrup 
* 3 tbsp of milk
* 1 egg
* 3 tbsp of vegetable oil

To make the cake in a mug, simply add all the ingredients inside the mug and mix well
 Microwave for 3 minutes and voila!
A yummy mini cake for a very special mommy!

Happy Mother's Day to all Bird's Party fabulous readers!!

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