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Monday, June 25, 2012C Riches

With all the heat and sun shining on us, it's hard to think of Fall, right? But alas, that's how it is in the mag world - Xmas in July , Spring in December... :)

I never get bored of seeing the printed Bird's Party Magazine arrive on my doorstep! And our Spring/Summer Issue is no different - The glossy pages really are packed full of party ideas, and I even find my self smelling the pages as I read it in bed. Sad but so true...

The wonderful contributor, collaborating vendors and supportive sponsors are what make it such a fun read!! And your guys seems to like it too, because we've reached a staggering over 2 million unique page views and over 290,000 readers since April this year! :)

Yep, can't quite believe it myself, but I do have you guys to thank for reading it and for helping spread the word!! 

We are now in full prep for the Fall Issue, which looks again like it will bursting with party eye candy! We have some incredible, talented stylists as well as new contributors, some fun printables and incredible party ideas that I know you will LOVE! ;)

We now have a few ad spots left and are accepting sponsors (first come first serve basis), so email us to magazine(at)birdsparty(dot)com if you would to be part of the FUN!! :)


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  1. I love the Bird's Party Magazine and can't wait to see the next issue!

  2. Hi!!! I love the magazine and I was trying to order a paper copy and it seems there is a problem on the 3rd step. It sais something like.."This page cannot display..." what can I do??


  3. Nevar mind!! Just got it and order it!! Cant wait.


  4. WOW! congratulations on your Spring/Summer issue. It was an amazing pleasure to be a part of it. Thank you for the opportunity :) I look forward to your Fall issue.

    1. Thank you again for being a part of it Tiffany!! Congrats to us all, 'cause I couldn't do it without such fabulous contributors like you! :D


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