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PRESS: Access Hollywood with Amy Atlas!!

Thursday, July 05, 2012C Riches

Hi guys hope you had a fabulous 4th!! :) 

I took the day off yesterday afternoon but now back to work full throttle, and just wanted to stop by and share a really cool video with you! Ok, so I am trying to sound nonchalant, but the truth is, I jumped (up and down) with joy when Amy Atlas asked me to use some of my 4th of July Party Printables for a segment she was doing on Acess Hollywood last Friday!! 

Just being asked by Amy and have her style my printable is dreamy enough for me, but to have them shown on a really cool TV segment on NBC is just the sweetest cherry on top of huge cupcake!! ;) 

The segment looked really fun, and you can spot my printable snack boxes on the table in front of Amy's Sweet Designs book!! LOVE the way she used them, and hope it will be a first of many! hehe

More photos and details on Amy's dessert table can be found here.

HUGE thanks to Amy, Lisa and their team for making the printables look so great!


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