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Bird's Party Magazine Issue 6 Incredible Stats!

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Bird's Party Ideas Magazine -

As we start preparing for Bird's Party Magazine Holiday Issue (yep, we don't lose any time here at Magazine HQ!), I wanted to share with you some wonderful news about our Fall Issue!

With over 900,000 unique page views and over 100,000 readers since its August 11th publication, our fall 2012 issue has been received with open arms by party lovers everywhere! And we (myself + the fabulous editorial team + sponsors + contributing vendors) thank you from the heart for the lovely feedback, encouraging comments and these amazing stats, which speak for themselves!! ;)

Bird's Party Ideas Magazine -

Bird's Party Ideas Magazine -

I now have my very own issue in hands (YAY!!), which came through the post yesterday, and I'm so proud to see everyone's amazing articles, hard work, and shear brilliance at coming up with so many fabulous Fall and Birthday Ideas to help create a magical issue - even if I say so myself! ;)

Bird's Party Ideas Magazine -

So a HUGE thank you again to my wonderful friends who contributed to this issue, as well as the talented, professionals, the wonderfully supportive sponsors and dedicated contributing vendors for making this issue possible!!

Bird's Party Ideas Magazine -

And if you're in need of party inspiration for your next bash, be it for a Halloween Party, Birthday, Baby Shower or simply fancy some eye candy, then head over to to take a peek - Or you can get your very own printed copy to enjoy and read wherever you are! ;)

More autumn and Fall party ideas here!

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