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A Pumpkin Princess Birthday Tea Party

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A Pumpkin Princess Birthday Tea Party -

My dear, sweet friend Marcie Lenick from Celebrating The Moments, is the talent behind the concept and styling of this fabulous, autumnal birthday party! 

Marcie asked me to add a dash of orange to the pink Princess Party Collection I already had, and create a Pumpkin Princess Printable Kit for a fabulous Fall Birthday Tea Party she was styling for a client.

I love the theme and colors for a Fall birthday, and Marcie kindly agreed to share her photos and party details below - Hope you feel inspired by all the fabulousness! :)

A Pumpkin Princess Birthday Tea Party -

The girls all came in their princess outfits and got a crown and septor (septor tutorial coming here soon!) and the paper pumpkins, which Marcie “princessafied”  with glitter and the little rose, then filled with candy. 

Marcie found the paper crowns at Joann’s and added the pumpkins (cut with a Cricut) and pearls - You can now get a similar printable pumpkin icons similar to that in our Pumpkin Princess Kit! And if you can't find any crowns, our Pumpkin Princess Printable Kit also includes a pink and orange printable crown template that matches the designs! So handy, right?! :)

A Pumpkin Princess Birthday Tea Party -

A Pumpkin Princess Birthday Tea Party -

The little princesses played games including “toss the pennies into the pumpkin” and “ring the pumpkin”, 
which Marcie used small hula hoops from the $1 store that were actually glitter and orange striped!! The 
girls also made “pumpkin princess” bracelets. 

She served up mini “candy corn” trifles made from vanilla pudding tinted orange and yellow! You simple 
layer the orange and yellow then top it off whipped cream for the white layer. The girls enjoyed mini 
sandwiches and of course, tea!

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