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Rustic Farmhouse Apple and Berry Pie Recipe

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Rustic Farmhouse Apple and Berry Pie Recipe -

Following on from yesterday's Barnyard Birthday post, this is the recipe for the "Farmhouse Apple and Berry Pie" I made instead of a birthday cake!

I always like to incorporate a lot of handmade details in my styled parties, but this time around I was also in full prep for Bird's Party Magazine Fall Issue, and hence my shortcuts - Instead of a fancy decorated cake, I opted for a farmhouse-style, rustic fruit pie for my kid's Barnyard Birthday this year. I'm no Nigella, so "rustic" is the operative word here! ;)

I got the original recipe from the BBC GoodFood website for Apple and Blackberry pie, but I modded it slightly and used frozen raspberries instead, and used ready-rolled sweet dessert pastry to save time (and sanity).

Farmhouse Apple and Berry Pie Recipe -

Rustic Farmhouse Apple and Berry Pie Recipe

Ingredients for your Farmhouse Apple and Berry Pie: Serves 8

* 2 Tbspoons of flour + extra for dusting
* 750g/1lb 10oz sweet dessert pastry (I used 2x shop bought ready-rolled pastry packs)
* 1kg Bramley Apples, peeld, cored, and cut into chunks
* 400g Frozen Raspberries or mixed berries of choice
* 140g Caster sugar + extra for sprinkling
* Pinch of Vanilla Bean powder (or paste)
* Pinch of Cinnamon
* Pinch of Salt
* 1 egg beaten with 2 tbsp milk

Farmhouse Apple and Berry Pie Recipe -

1) Heat over to 190C/170C fan/gas 5. On a floured surface, roll out 2/3 of the pastry and line a 23cm loosebottom flutted tart tin, leaving a slight overhang and keeping any pasty scraps for the lattice work on top. Chill tart base for 10 mins. Then prick base with fork and blind-bake for 20 mins. then remove the beans and paper and bake for a further 10 mins until light brown and biscuity. remove from oven.

2) Microwave apples on high for about 3 mins. Mix vanilla and cinnamon with sugar and add it to apples along with the berries, 2tb spoons of flour, salt and pile onto the pastry case base. save a few berries for later.

3) Roll remaining pastry and trimming together and cut out 8 strips of pastry of about 3 x 30cm - I used a ruler as guide. 

4) Weave the strips over the fruit to create a lattice, then push them into edges of tart. Trim overhang, brush with egg wash, then scatter generously with sugar. Pop the berries into the gaps and bake for 1 hour until brown and bubbling. Leave pie to cool, and scatter with more sugar.

It went down a treat with everyone, and  dare I say, better than cake that gets left over on most of our parties! :)

Rustic Farmhouse Apple and Berry Pie Recipe -

I then served it onto a rustic cake stand, and added a printable birthday banner from the Barnyard Birthday Collection ! :)

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