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FREE "You've Been BOOed" Printable Halloween Signs!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012C Riches

Ready to BOO your neighbors and friends in style this year?! With our FREE "You've Been BOOed" Signs you're sure to spread the spooky cheer!!

Oh, and they match BOO-tifully with the designs of our printable Little Monster Cupcakery Kit too! ;)

These BOO signs are a great way to spook out your neighbors, teachers, friends, family, colleagues or classmates! How to play:

1) Visit our Facebook Page here and download + print off our FREE "You've Been BOOed" signs
2) Add the card alongside a bag of tricks or treats (tutorials and ideas here)
3) Leave it on someone's doorstep, window, or desk, and run!
4) Place the "We've been BOOed" sign on your own doorstep or desk so others know you've been BOOed already!

Happy Haunting! :)

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  1. I cant wait for my halloween party! Your blog is better day by day! Lovely :)


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