I'm grateful for...

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Thanksgiving is mainly an American Holiday, but I just LOVE the idea of a time dedicated to giving thank to the things we're....well, grateful for! This should be an internationally recognized and practiced Holiday in my view! :)

This year started off on a sour note for me, but also there have been so many joyous moments and things to genuinely be thankful for, so Thanksgiving to me is mainly about reflection and counting blessings rather than a big party...

I'm grateful for...

I remember with the recent Sandy events, a dear friend from NY telling me that she had "no water, no electricity, no heat, no Halloween. But NO there were others worse off" - And that is so true to any bad situation we encounter. So, I just really stopped by to give thanks to YOU reading right now - For the time you take to come over and interact, say hi, share our/your stuff, or just basically sit there cheering in the background! :)

But also to all my party and blogging friends who inspire and support my work, to our magazine contributors and sponsors, to the amazing vendors who have collaborated and worked with me this year despite tight schedules, and to all our fabulous blog sponsors (there on our sidebar) for their continual support of Bird's Party and all that we do - THANK YOU!!!

I'm especially grateful for the fabulous, talented and amazing women that are our blog contributors! Thank you ladies, for never saying no, for your friendship, your support, for the invaluable help, and for inspiring me on a daily basis - I ♥ each one of you!

I'm also beyond grateful to the generous teams at HGTV, Parenting Magazine, Yum Food and Fun for Kids Magazine, Kiki Magazine, to Amy Atlas for taking my work all the way to Access Hollywood,  to HWTM for the numerous party features, and to all the countless blogs and sites that have allowed Bird's Party work to grace their pages this year!

THANK YOU from the ♥

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  1. What a wonderful post. I know the NYer you speak of and I love that she was thankful despite being affected. We all truly have so much to be thankful for.


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