26 Random Acts of Kindness for the Angels of Newtown...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012C Riches

We are all shocked and cannot begin to imagine the suffering and pain of the parents and those left behind in the recent tragedy in Newtown. Christmas is a time for giving and being with loved ones, and as a parent, these horrible events are even more poignant, but I cannot even begin to understand...

My friend and kind soul Kristy from The Purple Pug, contacted me to help spread the word about her wish to do 26 random acts of kindness for 26 random families of Connecticut. In honor and awe of 26 beautiful, perfect angels.

Please help by donating anything you can and helping spread the word in your blogs, social media etc.

"All donations will go towards paying off random layaway accounts in the area of Newtown. I would love to be able to pay off 26, but even if we can pay off one, it will still make an impact on one special family and the world. Christmas is in a few days, and this needs to be completed very soon. Please give anything you can and please spread the word."

Thank you ♥

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