Christmas Party Ideas & DIY Crafts

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Christmas Party Ideas & DIY Crafts

OK, so Christmas has been and gone but there's nothing wrong with a little forward planning! I know come the end of the year, I am like a headless chicken with a thousand and one things to tick off my check list...

So this is where pinning some crafty ideas throughout the year will save me (and you) a heap of time! And has done half of the work for us, compiling a website PACKED with ahem...all free Christmas crafts! 

Christmas Party Ideas & DIY Crafts

Incidentally, my Ribbon Christmas Trees tutorial has made it into the Top 100 Most Popular Projects!

So why not go over and spend a couple of minutes perusing and pinning?! ;)

More Christmas and DIY Crafts here!

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  1. Congratulations on your ribbon Christmas trees and I agree, never too early to plan ahead.


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