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Easy DIY Valentine's Party Favors: Message Candy Bags

10:22 AMC Riches

It's always nice to start the week on a sweet note, don't you think? And there's nothing sweeter than a cute packaging idea for your Valentine's party favors!

This one is from the creative Crissy, and it does exactly what it says on the packet. Love + sweetness guaranteed! ;)

Materials Needed:

* Small Ziplock or clear candy bags
* Printable Patterned Scrapbook Papers
* Printable Valentine's Cards + Heart Tags
* Wooden Peg
* Craft Glue
* Scissors
* Candy
* Glue Dots or Double-sided tape
* Stapler


1) Print and cut the Valentine's Cards, heart tags and scrapbook papers.
2) Measure the width of your bag and cut a rectangle from the scrapbook paper to fit the opening.
3) Using a little paintbrush and craft glue, cover the wooden pegs with a piece of the scrapbook paper. Let it dry.
4) Using glue dots or double-sided tape, stick a candy heart onto the front of each card. Fill the bags with the Valentine's card (you can write your own personal message by hand too!).
5) Fold with the rectangle of scrapbook paper over the bag opening, and staple on either side.
6)  Use the decorated peg and printable heart tags as embellishment or to hand it to a party favors rack or trellis.


Styling and Photography: Crissy's Crafts
Valentine's Printables: Bird's Party
Candy: Oriental Trading

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