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Heart Balloon Cookies - Step-by-Step Tutorial + Recipe!

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Hi, it's Hani from Haniela's.  Are you getting ready for the Valentine's Day? Here is a cute idea to add to your Valentine's Cookie repertoire - Heart Balloon Cookies

Step-by-step + recipe below.

To make the these cookies you need:

* Heart cookie cutter and a balloon cookie cutter-  from The Cookie Cutter Company
* Painter's brush
* Water
* Paper Towel
* Cookie Sticks


1) Construct cookies using heart and balloon cutter. If you are putting cookie sticks into the cookies, make sure to roll the cookie dough thicker than normal. Then gently place the stick into the cookie, I usually do this before baking.

2) Once cookies are baked, don't move them around at all, wait until  they are cool. Flood the cookies with red royal icing, let dry completely. 

3) Using painter's brush to tint the edges of the dried icing with brown food coloring, then gently using  a very lightly damp brush smooth out/shade the color to make it more even.(Thanks to amazing Liz from Arty McGoo for a fabulous tutorial)

4) Using white food coloring and a brush, paint a little drop onto the cookie to add dimension to the balloon.

Looking for more fun Valentine's day treats? Check out my " I love you because cookie puzzle",cookie and a puzzle, 2 in 1!

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