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Tuesday, January 29, 2013C Riches

Every morning I bring my husband tea in bed. Can't really remember when it started, but that's how we roll. 
He loves tea. And love him. So that's probably why...

Anyways, this Valentine's I decided to serve a little extra sweetness along with the tea.

I'm a coffee girl, so this is tea for one. In pink, red or blue.

And, there's a blank space on the heart tags where you can also write a personal message, 
to add extra sweetness, if that's possible! ;)

If you too would like to 'pimp' up the tea for your Valentine, then simply download our FREE printable Cute-TEA Wrappers and Heart Tags here - for a limited period only!

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  1. Try it again, girls! It was working this morning!

  2. Link didn't work for me either...

  3. The link didn't work for me either...


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