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Modern Valentine's Day Heart Cookies Recipe

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Modern Valentine's Day Heart Cookies Recipe - via

Today it's all about baking! And what better way to celebrate our love of sweet things, than with these gorgeous heart shaped Valentine's cookies from Haniela's?!

And Hani baked them especially to match Bird's Party NEW Modern Valentine's Day Printables!! How cool is that?! :) Perfect for weddings and bridal showers too!

Modern Valentine's Day Heart Cookies Recipe

To make these cookies you need:

-Heart shape cookies, any size, any shape. The Cookie Cutter Company has a great selection of heart shape cookie cutters. 
-You can use any cut out cookie dough you'd like. I used my honey cookies (recipe), but sugar cookies (recipe) would be a great substitute as well.
-Blue, Red and Yellow, White Royal Icing (recipe), I used Americolors to color my icing.

Modern Valentine's Day Heart Cookies Recipe - via


-Thin your icing to 15 second consistency, this is a term cookie decorators use and it basically means, that you thin icing with little bit of water to the point  when you run a knife through the icing and count to 15 line will disappear in about 15 seconds. 

- Using white icing, pipe a smaller heart inside of the cookies. Let crust over, for about 10 minutes.

-Then take blue icing and pipe zic-zag line all across the white heart you just piped. Let crust over for about 10 minutest.

-Then using the same blue icing, flood the remaining areas of the cookie, first outline the cookie and then flood it with icing. Let dry completely before handling cookies.

-Alternate colors, using, red, yellow and blue icing.

Modern Valentine's Day Heart Cookies Recipe - via

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