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Bee My Valentine's Day Classroom Party

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Bee My Valentine's Day Classroom Party - via

There's still time to pull off a cute Valentine's Day party - Get inspired by this really fun School Valentine's Party from one of our readers! 

Hi everyone! My name is Jen from the party blog Sweeten Your Day Events. I am so excited to be guest posting here on Bird's Party Blog and today I am going to be featuring a Valentine's party I put together for my son's first grade classroom using Bird's Party Printables

Bee My Valentine's Day Classroom Party - via

Bee My Valentine's Day Classroom Party- Party Styling and Desserts Table

I wanted to keep the decorations simple for an easy setup and the treats light because the teacher doesn't need 25 super sugared-up kids running around the rest of the day!!! 

For the main treat and centerpiece of the table I created a cupcake hive (basic tutorial found here on my blog) designed to match Bird's Party graphics. The hive was filled with pink iced cupcakes topped with matching printables.

Bee My Valentine's Day Classroom Party - via

Bee My Valentine's Day Classroom Party - Party Fun and Activities

We planned some cute activities and games to go along with the 'Bee' theme to entertain the kids with during the party: 

* Antenna Assembly: Kids made their own antenna headbands.
* Heart Hive Building Game: The kids stack one heart on top of each other at a time, trying to build it as high as they can without it falling over.
* Buzzy Bee Valentine Craft: the kids created cute little bees out of construction paper
* Pin the Bee on the Hive Game
* Pollen Pong Game: Hit the Bee balloon back and forth between teams with your paddles (collection pollen) trying to not let it touch the floor before it gets to every flower.

Bee My Valentine's Day Classroom Party - Party Gifts and Favors

I wanted to create a special treat for the teacher, so I filled a small vase with light pink sixlets and added some lollipop flowers. And there was a cute little take home favor for all the kids. I filled gumball tubes with alternating layers of pink and black gumballs and labeled them 'Bumble Gum'.

I hope you all enjoyed our 'Bee My Valentine' classroom party and gave you some ideas and inspiration for your own event! You can check out more details and pics of this event here on my blog. I want to give a special thanks to Bird's Party for having me guest post today and also for creating these ADORABLE party printable that inspired the whole event! 

Thank you so much for all your hard work, Bird!

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  1. Cute party! Bird I love those printables. A pink bee, too cute!


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