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Valentine's Crafts for Kids | DIY Marshmallow Necklace

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Valentine's Crafts for Kids | DIY Marshmallow Necklace -

Diamonds, move over! Marshmallows are the new girl's best friend! :)

We all know and love gumball necklaces, right? But I'm a little bit of a rebel, so decided to use marshmallows instead - OK, not much of a rebellion going on, but they are just as cute and as tasty.  Not to mention easy to make!

And of course you can use or add other candies too, and start a little rebellion all of you own! Check out the steps below...

I LOVE the pastel colors and twisted shapes of these cute marshmallows I found in my local grocery store, and these necklaces look so cute boxed up as a Valentine's Gifts for kids to make, and give!

I personally made two cute versions to give to my little girl on Valentine's Day - 'cause a girl can nerve have too many necklaces. Especially when they are made of marshmallows! :)

Valentine's Crafts for Kids | DIY Marshmallow Necklace -

Valentine's Crafts for Kids | DIY Marshmallow Necklace

Materials and Ingredients Needed:

* Marshmallows
* Confectioner's Sugar (Icing Sugar)
* Long Needle (I used a tapestry needle, but you could use a long skewer too)
* Butcher's String
* Ribbon
* Gemstones
* Hot Glue
* Gift Boxes


1) Thread and tie a piece of the butcher's string onto the needle (long enough to hang as necklace).
2) Dust the needle and string in confectioner's sugar - You need this to avoid a sticky mess!
3) Insert needle into one of the marshmallow pieces. Tie a knot at the other end to secure the marshmallows in place.
4) Repeat with all piece, remembering to dust the needle and string as you go along, until you achieve desired length. I used 9-10 pieces of about one inch and a half in length.
5) Tie a bow onto the finished necklace and hot glue a printable heart tag on the center of each bow. Hot glue a heart gemstone in the center of each heart tag for extra bling. 'Cause a girl can never heave enough bling either!
6) Box the necklace into cute jewelry-style boxes decorated with printable heart tags.

Vendor Credits:

Concept, Styling and Photography: Bird
Printable Heart Tags: Bird's Party

Valentine's Crafts for Kids | DIY Marshmallow Necklace -

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