March 26, 2013

Easy Easter Push-up Pops Centerpiece Tutorial

As always, I love finding novel ways to use party printables, and this is how these little Easter Bunny Push-up Pops came about.

I had some printable bunny cupcake wrappers left from my Easter Kids' Egg Hunt Party photo shoot, and couldn't bear to throw them out, so I got my trusty puncher out and few supplies, and voila - Easy and super quick Easter Push-Pop Centerpiece that doubles as party favors holder.

Life doesn't get sweet that that for a party nerd like me! :)

Easter Push-up Pops Centerpiece

Materials Needed:

* Push up pops
* Colored marshmallows or candy - I used pink, blue, yellow and green to match the printables
* Double-sided tape, scotch tape and scissors
* Square or rectangular box, vase or container - I used the same one I made for this party.
* Floral Foam or block of polystyrene
* Green crepe paper or wrapping paper
* Fake Grass (from most craft stores)


1) Fill the push-up pops with marshmallows or candy.

2) Using a 2 inch paper puncher, punch out the bunny faces from the cupcake wrappers and stick them to the front of each push-up pop. Using double-sided tape glue ears to the back of the pops, and a strip of scrapbook paper to the bottom of the pops as embellishment.

3) Wrap the block of floral foam bloc with the crepe paper, and place inside your container.

4) Make holes where the push-up pops will go, and place skewers to mark the location of the holes. Fill container with fake grass, tucking in the end around the bloc to hide it from view. Insert the push up pops into each hole, and embellish the front of the centerpiece with a printable paper bow.

All you need to do then, is display!


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