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Glam and Gluten Free Bakery Online - via

Hi Friends! This is Dorangela from Two Prince Bakery Theater. I am so excited that my sweet friend Bird asked me to share my sparkling brand new gluten free bakery and website launch for my site with you.

We hope to be a fun resource for gluten free and dairy free treats, recipes and ideas while still making everything beautiful, fun and delicious - No one should feel deprived just because they suffer from a food allergy!

Glam and Gluten Free Bakery Online

I started Two Prince Bakery Theater when my two boys were diagnosed with severe food allergies, including gluten, dairy and egg. When searching for foods that they would enjoy eating and coming up with nothing, I began crafting recipes that they could enjoy that were both beautiful and delicious.I started to bake their cookies, cupcakes, birthday cakes.

My goal was to make it so that the other children and guests didn't know all the things that were "missing" from my treats. It worked! So that's how the bakery was born. I have tested recipes for over three years until we finally got the ultimate seal of approval from our two princes.

  Glam and Gluten Free Bakery Online - via 

 I hope that the website will be an inspirational place for those who suffer from food allergies can come, find some new recipes to try, shop for some delicious treats that will ship right to their door and also enjoy all the beautiful parties we style using these products from our gluten free bakery. Also a great resource for everyone who has parties and events and is considerate of their guests with allergies and wants to make sure they get to enjoy themselves as much as everyone else!   

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