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Last Minute Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas & Appetizers

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Last Minute Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas & Appetizers - via

Weekend are crazy busy for me as the summer approaches - Between helping my eldest with his school work, catching up on the house chores from the week, and the hoards of summer parties and posts to plan; I seldom have time to sit and just ponder...And this is why if I can catch some spare time, I run straight to Pinterest!! 

Yes, it's become my not-so-guilty pleasure of late. I say not-so-guilty because I treat it more like "research"! ;)

Last Minute Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas & Appetizers

For instance, yesterday I had a hairdresser's appointment of 2 hrs (Yes, it takes that long to make anything decent out of my Barnet...), which gave me the perfect opportunity to PIN a few Cinco de Mayo inspiring ideas in prep for today's post! See?! Total research.

Cinco de Mayo celebrations have a special place in my heart now, since it reminds me of my dad (it was the party that he helped to style when he came to visit...) - You can see our full shoot here.

Anyways, hope you enjoy my research, and don't forget to visit our board on Pinterest here and here if you catch a spare moment this weekend - It's packed with Fiesta Ideas! 

¡Hasta luego :)

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