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Father's Day Handmade Gift, Card and Food Ideas

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Father's Day Handmade Gift, Card and Food Ideas  - BirdsParty.com

Personally, I think father's day gifts should homemade or DIY whenever possible. Be it edible, decorative or otherwise, I think it adds to the charm, meaningfulness and uniqueness of the thought. 

But just because you're making it, doesn't mean it has to take long or be complicated! So I've put together a board of my fave DIY gift, card and food ideas that I think you will enjoy making (yes, there's still time!) and that dad will love to receive! Check out links below:

Father's Day Handmade Gift, Card and Food Ideas 

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* These lawn mower cupcakes look too good to eat! Easy enough to make with the kids though.
* Dad's fave brew gets dressed up for the day with these FREE printable wrappers. Can't get easier than that, and would be perfect as part of a gift hamper!
* Personalized neckties can be quick and easy to make if you use fabric transfer paper or fabric paint and stencils! 
* Cookies that are meant just for DAD - Cute or what?!
* Nibbles to go with the beer perhaps? Also great if you're throwing a party for dad!
* DIY 3-D Card and FREE to download! Get yours here.
* Get some jars and fill with BBQ spicy rubs - Will delight dad for the whole summer! ;)

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