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Party of 4 | Unexpected Party Ideas Using Balloons

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Let's talk Balloons. The latex kind. Kinda of appropriate seen as we're celebrating - we've reached over 40,0000 fans on Facebook over the weekend!! How mad is that?! Can't help but feel very grateful for the love and support you guys give us!! (And to say thanks, we're having a celebratory sale: 40% OFF any order - Scroll down to get details and your discount code).

Balloons are so festive and the perfect candidates for today's NEW blog series - Party of 4, where I'll be guessed it! FOUR unexpected and totally FAB party ideas based on a particular party prop.

Party of  4 | Unexpected Party Ideas Using Balloons

Balloons went out of fashion a  few years back (yes, shocking!), but they've been back in force for a while now with new colors, styles, shapes; and naturally being used for any celebratory event - from weddings to holidays and all in between. 

But these series picks just 4 super cool, but a little unexpected party ideas, so here are 4 of my fave party decor ideas using BALLOONS.

1)  Balloon Cake Toppers - Who knew balloons made pretty cake toppers?! LOVE this idea, and am already thinking cupcakes are a "must-try" too!

2) Fabric Balloons - Balloons look great as backdrops or ceiling decor, but have you ever thought of wrapping them in fabric? It gives a great texture and make them look so classy! Plus, they can be personalized to any event or color palette this way! (oh, and great use of fabric scraps too!)

3) Balloon Wreath Game - This wreath really caught my eye for two reasons - One, it's decorative and really pretty. Two, it's also a party game! Filled with prize tickets inside each balloon, guests have to pop them with darts to get the prizes. Clever right?! 

4) Balloon Drinks Cooler - Now, this has to be my fave use for balloons! Fill with water, freeze and keep drinks cool and festive at the same time! ♥

Hope you enjoy these new series, and let me know in the comment if you have any unexpected party ideas using balloons? (leave your links) I will PIN my faves to our Pinterest board here ;)

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