Giveaway | Signed Cake Frosting Recipe Book

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Giveaway | Signed Cake Frosting Recipe Book

So excited to be hosting this post today! Not only Courtney is an adorable friend, but the subject of her latest book (yes, the lady has 3!) is after my own heart: FROSTINGS

I can tell you first hand that you need to get this book. It's not only packed with amazing eye candy, but also delicious ideas and recipes for the soul. Yes, because we all have a sweet one, don't we?! Anyways, I loved my signed copy to bits, and can't wait to dive into all that frosting! And of course am giddy to be giving away one signed copy right here on the blog! 

Giveaway | Signed cake Frosting Recipe Book

But don't just take my word for it! Here's what some of the industry renowned chefs and professionals had to say about the book:

"Courtney's inventive combination of cake, frosting, and a few yummy odds and ends is the most fresh and accessible take on the subject I've seen in a while." - Duff Goldman, chef/owner, charm city cakes

"Her creative ideas are beautifully executed on every page." - Elisa Strauss, confetti cakes

"Frostings has a permanent slot on my kitchen bookshelf." - joy the baker

"Courtney's latest book is full of fabulous ideas for frostings and sweet treats!" - Tori Spelling

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