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Creative DIY Party Ideas with Paper Lanterns

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Creative DIY Party Ideas with Paper Lanterns   - via

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I LOVE paper lanterns. And the round kind is particularly attractive when it come to party styling. They're quite inexpensive and can add instant "wow factor" to any table backdrop or ceiling, without much effort.
But in these series, I'll be sharing just FOUR of my fave finds - Today's all about the humble round PAPER LANTERN.

Creative DIY Party Ideas with Paper Lanterns 

Ideas from top left to right:

* You probably have guessed that paper lantern can be embellished with pretty much anything - Think cupcake cases, tissue paper, kraft paper or foam strips. They can also be covered in fabric, glitter or even candy! But these paper-layered lanterns from Martha Stewart look so classy and modern, I just couldn't resist. Cut the paper with a  round puncher and layer it on top of a paper lantern. Vary the paper color to suit any event.

* Painted or covered in fabric, paper lanterns can become whimsical decorative props too! How adorable would these paper lantern hot-air-balloons look over a desserts table?! I've seen these also as table centerpieces - FUN!

* Did you know you could also use the shape of a paper lantern to make an entire new party decor object?! Yep, round paper lantern + ruffled fabric =  pretty pompoms! Simply hot glue the fabric to the lanterns. You could also use crepe paper flowers like in this tutorial, to create large pomanders.

* Now, this has to be my fave idea! Round paper lanterns come in all shapes and sizes, and the miniature ones can be used as accents and embellishments to any party table (I'm thinking garlands, parasol decor, mini flower vases, place-cards....) and of course, a super sweet paper lantern cake topper!! What's not to love?! ♥

Hope you like the ideas, and don't forget to follow our Pinterest Board on PAPER LANTERNS here to see more fabulous party ideas !!

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