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Party Recipe | Spiced Muscat Pears

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Party Recipe | Spiced Muscat Pears - BirdsParty.com
I love a nice pair...of pears. And this poached pears recipe is so delicious but really easy to make. And looks like you really pushed the boat out! 

This is the perfect autumnal dessert for a dinner party, or just because! It's also great paired with cream, ice cream or shortbread cookies for a Thanksgiving sweet course for the whole family!
Party Recipe | Spiced Muscat Pears - BirdsParty.com

Party Recipe | Spiced Muscat Pears - BirdsParty.com

Party Recipe | Spiced Muscat Pears

And when I say spice, fear not. It's not a spicy dish.

* Conference Pears
* 200 g of sugar
* 5 black peppercorns
* Zest and juice of 1 orange
* 1 vanilla bean pod
* 1 stick of cinnamon 
* 500 ml of Muscat or other sweet wine - If making a non-alcoholic version, replace the wine with juice or water.
* 500 ml of water

Party Recipe | Spiced Muscat Pears - BirdsParty.com
Wash and zest the orange, then press juice into a bowl. In a saucepan, add sugar, wine, water, peppercorns,  cinnamon stick, the orange zest and the beans from the vanilla pod. bring to a boil. 
Peel the pears and place them immediately into the hot bouillon so they do not oxidize. Cook until the pears are translucent and softer. Depending on how mature the pears are, they may take between 15-20 minutes.
Add the orange juice and heat gently - Do not boil. let the pears cool in this thin syrup.
Just before serving, remove the pears from the syrup, and place them in their serving dishes. Bring the syrup to  a boil in the saucepan, and reduce by half to make the syrup a little thicker. Serve the pears cold, with the syrup warm on top.
Party Recipe | Spiced Muscat Pears - BirdsParty.com
This would be the perfect dessert for an autumnal dinner party, or a great accompaniment to a cheese board. I served mine in their syrup with a few butter biscuits on the side. Or with ice cream! Ooooooh.

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  1. Cristina, sooooo pretty for a party! I'm Pinning this! Must pick up some pears this week; I tend to neglect them and it's time to remedy that.


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