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How to Style an Ice Cream & Candy Buffet

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No matter the season, we all scream for ice cream 'round here! I'm sure we're not alone. Everyone loves ice cream, so why not celebrate anything and everything with an ice cream social?! 

The guys at show us how!

Candy Buffet Styling and Decor:

Here at Candy Galaxy, we love nothing more than gathering around for a bit of ice cream and candy.  We got some Ice Cream and Candy printables from our favorite printable designer Bird's Party and threw a fun ice cream social for the employees.  

We found some classic and fantastic dripping jars to use for the caramel and chocolate sauces. We also used some great candies and toppings, which added some color to our table and definitely pumped up the flavor. 
To display the ice cream cones, we built an ice cream cone stand using some Styrofoam and wrapping paper.  It was fairly simple; once we wrapped the piece of Styrofoam we simply pushed the cones into the board and they stood up straight.  The wrapping paper we used transformed it into a great design piece that complimented our table perfectly.  

We used lots of ice cream toppings like cappuccino chips and mini white chocolate chips but also threw in some of our favorite candies like gummy bears and gumballs.  

All in all, we had a fantastic, gorgeously designed, and absolutely delectable ice cream social!

Candy Buffet Credits:

Concept and Styling: Jonathan Murrell and Marshall McCamey
Ice Cream and Candy party printables: Bird's Party

Click here to get all the party 
printable featured in this post and more!!

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