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Last Minute Thanksgiving Party Favors. Of The Chocolate Kind. Plus FREE Printables !

Friday, November 15, 2013C Riches

If you're stuck for ideas on easy, last minute favors or little Thanksgiving treats, than this post is for you!

I love to think of novel ways to use party printables. And if it involves chocolate in some way, than I'm a happy bird indeed! Here I used the bottle wrapper templates (yes, bottle wrappers) and re-purposed them to make cute Thanksgiving Chocolate Bars. Love it when a plan works out! ;)

How to Make your Thanksgiving Chocolate Bars

What you'll need:

* Small chocolate candy bars - You can use regular ones too, just means more of the foil will show after you wrap the bars, which is also a cool look! 
* FREE Printable bottle wrapper templates
* Double-sided tape
* Washi tape: Optional


Unwrap your chocolate bar, leaving the foil. Wrap the bottle wrapper around the center of the bar (width-ways) and secure at the back with double-sided tape. Embellish with washi tape if using. Done! These are not called "last minute" for no reason.

They are cool as favors, as addition to a hamper, as part of a hot chocolate station, or as after dinner treats with coffee. I also like to leave mine in my guest's bedrooms when I have company over. It earns you brownie points! ;)

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