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My Highlights from the Paris Craft Show !!

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Finally managed to sort through the gazillion shots, and selected the best to show ya! 
I love Paris, but unfortunately did not have much time to sight see on this occasion (apart from  quick snap of the Eiffel Tower in my taxi on the way to the show). It was a crazy, whirlwind week and work was the main reason of my trip, promoting the magazine!!  

I joined the team from Créative Magazine, and we had a blast!! Between talking to customers and readers, meeting bloggers and online friends, rubbing shoulders with some pretty amazing professionals and brands (and the odd celeb!), we managed to snap a few pics to help give you a feel of the place.

The decor of our mini desserts table was based upon a cake that was featured in the magazine by La Lettre Gourmande. you can get the step-by-step of the ruffle cake here. The colors were pink and yellow to match the cake design, and it was so cool discovering that the craft show entire flooring was also pink and yellow, matching our table! It's a sign, right? :)

The theme of the show was obviously arts and crafts, so we wanted that reflected on our table, and had wool 'pomanders' (made by wrapping polystyrene balls in yarn), a decoupage mannequin using printable scrapbook papers and lots of Modge Podge, and buttons in the printable designs. The buffet card holders were made with cotton reels. I showed the tutorial here. And the edible cupcake toppers were made from fondant in the shape of buttons! Tutorial here.

To finish off the look, I hung lots of honeycomb and paper balls, and the table top had a beautiful ribbon garland by A to Zebra Celebrations all around the rim.


Meeting some pretty cool celebs: Mercotte (cookbook author, pastry chef and French TV personality). Such a sweet lady, who didn't mind a goofy "groupie" taking photos. She even held up the magazine, and walked out the show later with the Créative tote bag in arms! :)

And the gorgeous and mega talented Elodie Martins (French author of 3 cake design books, and winner of the 'Best Pastry Chef in France' TV contest). She was so adorable (and pretty) in person, and her cakes rocked! She was there for a book signing, and the stock ran out so fast, I could buy one in time, so she offered to mail me one! How sweet is that?! We got chatting for ages, and she's agreed to an interview for the next issue Bird's Party magazine!! ♥

The beautiful mag wall depicting all the past issues of Créative. 

Nice to see the craft show decor also matched our table! How sweet of them! ;)

"Huge" is total understatement, when it comes to describing this craft show. It's the biggest in Europe, and I experienced the numbers first hand. There are crafty stands to suit any creative hobby, and I could seriously live there! We hardly left the stand because of the hoards of people coming to see us throughout the day. The photos had to be snapped quickly during short breaks, or before the show opened in the morning. 
I can't tell you how many times I got lost in that place. And the stands have numbers!! The lunch queue (and toilet...) was 30 minutes long each day. No kidding!

I'll take one of each please!

Have I died and gone to craft heaven? Oh, yes!

The photos above are from the Marie Claire stand. 
Loving the cozy vibe, and that upside down Christmas tree is just so kooky! 

Of course my fave stands were the creative cooking/baking. 
Not least because they had cakes and candy on offer...

All in all, I had an unforgettable time, made some invaluable business contacts and filled my head with much inspiration for parties to come. 

But it's not all glam and glitz...I missed my babies like maaaaad, now have a sore throat from all the talking, and my feet still ache like I've ran a marathon. But given the chance, I would do it all over again! ;)


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Vendors (for our pink and yellow mini desserts table):

* Printables, styling photography: Bird's Party 
* Cake: La Lettre Gourmande
* Ribbon Garland: A to Zebra Celebrations
* Baking Cups:
* Hanging Decor: Sous Le Lampion

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