January 9, 2014

All You Magazine Feature - Please Vote ! :)

Late last year, I was invited to take part in a  fun craft challenge for All You Magazine. It'd been a while since I touched needle and thread, but it's like riding a bike it seems. You never forget it! ;)

This was a really a fun project and was really nice to get back to my sewing roots. 

Only a few hours left to vote, so pretty please stop by their Facebook page and vote for the Penguin? You'll know what I mean when you see it ;)

The challenge is called "Take This Make That" and basically involved crafting something using one single mitten, and all for under $5.

The possibilities really are endless (believe or not, I had a list of 20 ideas to start with!), and I'm up against another crafty blogger, Disney from Ruffles and Stuff (who also made something really cute).  

Hope you like my idea and don't forget to VOTE! Only takes 1 second (honestly!) ♥

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