February 24, 2014

Paint My Party: Red, White, Blue Nautical Inspired Party Ideas

Okay, so some of us are still feeling the chill, but what better way to escape to sunnier climes than with a little Nautical inspired party eye candy?! 

I've been nursing a cold since last week (boooo), and am determined to lift my spirits anyway I can, so visualization of all things "summery and hot" totally gets my vote! 

Besides, I know for a fact, that our Aussie, Brazilian and southern hemisphere party friends will also appreciate the post! ;)

Nautical Party Printables | Nautical Cupcake Wrappers | Nautical Paper Lanterns
Chevron Wooden Spoons | Printable Nautical Invitation | Navy Blue Goodie Bags
Printable Nautical Cupcake Wrappers | Paper Straws | Printable Nautical Snack Boxes

Need more Nautical Party Ideas? Then check out this board.

Hope you have a sunny and bright week! XO

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