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My Book | Les Party Printables Ideas & DIY

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My Book | Les Party Printables Ideas & DIY - BirdsParty.com

So beyond excited (and a tad relieved), to be able to share this news! Been keeping this under wraps since last summer when I got signed to write the book

The day I received the news, it didn't quite sink in. And all the months that followed. Not until I actually had the printed book in my hands earlier this month, so it's kinda cool that I waited. It feels more real now! :)

My Book | Les Party Printables Ideas & DIY - BirdsParty.com

Yes, writing  a party book is a major life achievement for me. One of those things to tick off my "things to do before you die" list? But it's major hard work and hugely long hours. Mainly because as always and in true DIY style, I work alone. Not complaining, it's personal choice. Even more so because it shows if this bird can, then anyone can! ;)

No professional photographers, no agency models, no hoards of assistants to fetch me coffee or color-pick my gumballs, no professional bakers, (apart from my delightful cookie designer - 'cause I draw the line at DIY decorated cookies..) and no whiz crafting intern. Nope. None of that.

My Book | Les Party Printables Ideas & DIY - BirdsParty.com

But I did have an amazing husband who was mom and dad for these past few months. And a couple of darling, incredible kids who were mega patient, enthusiastic and the best inspiration I could ask for. Plus, an amazing sister who agreed to play model for day :)

Not forgetting the incredible suppliers and vendors I teamed up with for all the awesome goodies I used in the book - from cupcake cases, to cake dummies, sugar paste fondant, to craft supplies and ribbon trim!

My Book | Les Party Printables Ideas & DIY - BirdsParty.com

My Book | Les Party Printables Ideas & DIY - BirdsParty.com

All in all, it's been a unique, magical, crazy experience, and one I'll treasure for ever. But above all I hope YOU enjoy and have fun with it, 'cause it was all for YOU! :)

My Book | Les Party Printables Ideas & DIY - BirdsParty.com
This current version is out now in French, in all bookstores and online. But we're planning a translated English version to come out soon! So be sure to sign up to our newsletter HERE to be the first to receive the news directly in your email inbox!
I'm also planning an online book tour and some giveaways for you when the English book is out! So you can do a happy dance and throw confetti while you wait! ;)
My Book | Les Party Printables Ideas & DIY - BirdsParty.com

THE BOOK | Les Party printables

Discover the very FIRST book on the subject of party printables !

From the design of invitations to party favors, cake decorating and all in between - The world of party printables will no longer have any secrets for you!
No need for prior crafting experience either, as the book will guide you through the basic techniques and essentials for planning a fabulous celebration using party printables .
A myriad of styles, crammed full of DIY ideas to be adapted to any party, event or celebration:
- The essential book on the world of party printables.
- 30 + festive step-by-step tutorials with over 50 page of FREE printables
- Privileged access to a COMPLETE PARTY PRINTABLE KIT.
- Lots of creative ideas to inspire you.
- Templates ready to be used at the back of the book and to download as many times as you want!
Creative event stylists, craft and party bloggers, moms, kids, teachers, DIY, scrapbook or paper craft enthusiasts - all will love learning to use or to perfect the art of working with party printable to create memorable celebrations!

My Book | Les Party Printables Ideas & DIY - BirdsParty.com


All major bookstores and AMAZON (USA, Canada, UK etc) 
- Search for "Les Party Printables" book

Amazon.fr here

HUGE thanks to my fabulous vendors for their amazing products, 
diligence and professionalism. Could not have done it without their help! ♥
And thank YOU for listening, for sharing (hint, hint, wink) and for the love and support of always!
I feel blessed and honored to have been given this opportunity, and hope you enjoy the results! ♥

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