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Gluten Free Easter Cookies & Last Minute Party Ideas

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Gluten Free Easter Cookies & Last Minute Party Ideas - via

You still have time to make these fabulous cookie for Easter Sunday! They are so pretty and taste delicious...and no piping bags in sight! So no excuses not to try! ;)

Our fab contributor Gillian shares the full recipe below as seen in Sweet Magazine.

Easter Cookies Recipes


200g butter
100g light brown sugar
100g caster sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla or the seeds from one vanilla bean.
1 tablespoon mixed spice
400g good quality plain gluten free flour


Cream butter and sugars.  Lightly whisk egg and vanilla and combine with sugar and butter.
Sift together dry ingredients and add to the egg, butter and sugar mixture. Mix gently until it comes together.
Remove from bowl onto a well floured surface and gently knead into a ball.

Roll to 1/2 cm thickness between two pieces of baking paper and refrigerate for 1 hour.
Use cookie cutters to cut cookies and place on baking tray lined with paper and bake for 7-10 minutes, depending on size.

Eat! Uneaten cookies can be stored in an air tight container for up to a week.


To cover cookies with fondant, roll to half a cm thick and use the same cookie cutters to cut shapes for your cookies.

Allow to the fondant dry slightly on top before transferring to your cookie so that it keeps it’s shape. Use a small amount of thinned apricot jam to stick the fondant to the surface of your cookie.

We've used a wash of food colour mixed with alcohol to create a water colour effect for the bunnies and eggs. Lightly wash the colour over your fondant and allow to dry between coats, too much liquid can begin to dissolve the fondant. 

TIP: Why not keep the fondant white, and let the kids get creative painting with food colouring or drawing with edible pens!

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Hope you have an EGG-cellent Easter! :)

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