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How to Make DIY Circus Clown Cake Pops

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How to Make DIY Circus Clown Cake Pops -

I cannot lie. Making these clown cake pops way waaaay too much FUN! They are so cute, don't you think? And super easy to make too, and perfect for a carnival or Circus themed birthday, baby shower... Plus, the kids can help too, which in my book is a huge bonus! ;)
Get the full DIY below.

How to Make DIY Circus Clown Cake Pops -

DIY Circus Clown Cake Pops


* Cake pops - see how to make basic ones here or here
* White chocolate or white candy melts for coating the cake balls
* Ice cream cones
* Sixlets and Mini gumballs - I used blue and red
* Jujubes - I used yellow and orange
* Smarties or other small candy for decor of the hat
* Edible food pens - I used black and red


* Polystyrene block or floral foam to stand pops on
* Long lollipop sticks
* Serrated knife
* Cupcake cases for decor
* Colored paper straws

How to Make DIY Circus Clown Cake Pops -


Using a serrated knife, gently serrate off the piece of the ice cream cone (about 1 and half inch). Set aside.
Make your cake balls as per directions here, but instead of blue, used white candy melts or white chocolate to coat - Melt the white chocolate in the microwave at 30 second intervals until fully melted.
Whilst the surface of the cake pop is still wet, add the jujubes for 'hair', red Sixlet as nose and the ice cream cone hat. You lay have to hold it a couple of seconds until the parts stick to the pop.
Using a little more of the candy melt or white chocolate, glue on the blue gumball and candies to the hat. Place the cake pops into the polystyrene block or floral foam to set.
Once the coating of the pops is dry, use the edible food pens to draw eyes and mouth or other decorations you fancy.

How to Make DIY Circus Clown Cake Pops -

To finish off, flatten a cupcake cake and make a small hole in the center. Slide the case in the cake pop stick and cover stick with a cute paper straw to match. I also used pinking shears to give the edges of the cupcake case a little jagged edge. Cute, right? :)

Hope you enjoy the post, and come back all this month for more fun Circus Party ideas!!

How to Make DIY Circus Clown Cake Pops -

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