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Need Help Using your Silhouette Machine? Try this...

Saturday, May 03, 2014C Riches

Silhouette Machine Help
I’m super excited to share with you today The Nikki, In Stitches Craft Academy's "Crafting With Your Silhouette".

I have a Silhouette CAMEO myself, and it remains in its original box mainly due to lack of time and nerve to learn how to get it working. But that's about to change! The Craft Academy's program combines projects, lessons, online live events, and a community forum built specifically to help you master every feature of your Silhouette Studio Software
And we have a 50% discount coupon for all Bird's Party readers too - It would be a perfect Mother's Day gift for your crafty mama...or your lovely creative self! ;)
Nikki McGonigal is owner of both Nikki, In Stitches and The Nikki, In Stitches Craft Academy, author of Nikki, in Stitches – A Handmade Holiday, and veteran of TLC’s crafting competition show Craft Wars. She started her crafting career as a blogger, encouraging and empowering others to experiment with their creativity, and today sells craft books, patterns, and teaches online craft classes. 
Silhouette Machine Help
And today we're sharing an exclusive discount code for all of you to use! BIRDSPARTY code will get each of you your first month of membership 50% off. If you already know you'd like to enroll, click here to join in the fun! There are already over 15 lessons there waiting for you already! If you have a Silhouette cutting system and want more details on the program, keep reading!    
Silhouette Machine Help

4 Reasons I Think You’ll Love 
The Nikki, In Stitches Craft Academy 
1. Crafters Are Fun! The community at The Craft Academy is full of creative, talented, friendly and fun people who enjoy learning new techniques and sharing their experiences. As a bonus to the content provided in the lessons, membership in the "Crafting With Your Silhouette" program also comes with access to a members only forum, where you can feel free to post questions, help others work through their crafty mishaps, and get to know your fellow students. 

2. Nikki is always there, cheering you on! Nikki personally replies to comments and questions posted in the forums. She personally respond to emails. She is there LIVE during monthly online events. Her number one goal is to answer your questions, and get you back to creating as quickly as possible. 

3. The community there will inspire you. It is amazing to see how each student takes one of Nikki's ideas and adds their personal touch to it, making it even better. These projects are then shared inside The Craft Academy and specifically posted to help motivate you to push your creative boundaries! 

4. You’ll find yourself wanting more. The lessons inside The Craft Academy are purposely designed to not just teach a method or technique. They’re specifically written to give you the skills required, but also the push you need to take them one step further. You’ll quickly find yourself thinking of ways to expand on each project taught! 
If you’re ready to check out the "Crafting With Your Silhouette" program available at The Craft Academy, click here, and don't forget to use promo code BIRDSPARTY to get your first month 50% off!   

silhouette machine help

 What specifically can you find inside the "Crafting With Your Silhouette" program?

* Monthly projects built specifically to help you learn every feature in the Silhouette software.
* Time saving tips and techniques to help you shorten the “learning curve” time often associated with getting familiar with the Silhouette software.
* Live online events where you can get instant help and feedback on whatever projects you’re working towards completing. (These events will be recorded for playback. You can watch whenever you’d like, as often as you’d like!
* Community conversations taking place every day, providing the help you need, but also allowing you to build a network of fellow crafters here to encourage you to explore where your Silhouette cutting system can take you.
* 3 lessons each month to increase your confidence and skills, cutting back on wasted time…and supplies.
* Nikki's personal support. Again, she actively responds to comments and questions posted on the site. She personally responds to emails. She is there to answer your questions, and get you back to creating with your CAMEO, or Portrait as quickly as possible!
If you’re looking for something special, a place to learn and craft online like you’ve never seen before, a place to really get help using your Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait, and create awesome projects along the way, I think you'll love The Nikki, In Stitches Craft Academy
If you’re ready to take a peek at all that “Crafting With Your Silhouette” has to offer, click here, and again, don't forget to use BIRDSPARTY to get your first month 50% off!    
Now go get your craft on! :)

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