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Quick n' Easy Mother's Day Recipes and Tablescape Ideas

Thursday, May 08, 2014C Riches

You needn't style something grandiose to please mom on her special day. Honestly, less is more. A simple but feminine table setting (for breakfast, brunch, picnic or lunch), combined with delicious treats that require no-baking or are very easy to make, look just as impressive, are quick to put together and perfect for dads and kids to re-create at home!

Flower and Table Setting

When styling this Mother's Day Tablescape for Bird's Party Magazine, I tried to put myself in the shoes of my husband. Although he's very apt in the kitchen, desserts, baking and feminine touches are not his I tried to keep things simple and manageable, and also mixed a lot of kid-friendly party goods from the shop to help add a more relaxed feel to the table.

Whether you are hosting a brunch, lunch or tea, keep the color palette soft and feminine, and don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and textures, vintage and modern. It will add interest and make your table look unique!

The flowers were purchased separately in my local florist in-keeping with the hues of the table: pinks, reds..I wanted a 'wild flowers' look, nothing too formal. Then simply arranged them in a white pitcher. Easy or what?!

Strawberry Trifle Tart

Simplicity  and Sweetness - This strawberry trifle tart combines store-bought pastry shell (don't be afraid to cheat - Good quality store-bought goods can save a heap of time!), crème anglaise, fresh strawberries and mint to create a no-bake seasonal dessert that’s as quick to make as it is delicious to eat! And pretty on the eye too! ;)
Fancy baking from scratch? Then here's a recipe I baked earlier ;)

Berry and Macaron Parfaits

Another no-bake idea is to layer strawberries or seasonal berries, vanilla bean yogurt into a shot glass, then crush shop-bought macarons to create the parfait layers. Top with chocolate shavings and a macaron shell for a delightful, mouth-watering treat!

Feta and Pesto Muffins

These savory muffins are perfect served warm or cold. And honestly, you can make the batter in 10 minutes! Plus, it's also low in fat - perfect for moms watching their figure!  ;)
Get the full recipe here.

Hope these ideas will help spark your imagination, and show that it's not rocket science to create a simple yet pretty set up for Mother's Day! ;)

For more recipe ideas see our RECIPES galleries here.

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